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No Longer Naked

Over the last week, I’ve watched The Naked Woodworker five times. I’ll probably watch it a few more times over the weekend. I’m smitten. I’ve fallen down the hand tool rabbit hole. I was sitting in my garage yesterday, enjoying a beer as I usually do on a Friday evening; I know, I know, “in the garage?” you say. What can I say, I like it in there. It’s my suburban porch, so to speak. With dreams of $5 dollar hand planes and $10 saws in my head, I browsed the local classifieds with hope that I’d find a great deal to begin my transition from “Naked Woodworker” to “Slightly More Clothed Woodworker”. There was 1 ad. I had to buy. I have no idea if this is all garbage or not, but if I didn’t start now, I was going to go crazy. This is what I purchased for $10:

Rusty Saw

No idea what type of saw this is. A pruning saw perhaps? The teeth pattern is interesting. If anyone knows what type of saw this is, please let me know via twitter or email. To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in the saw, but it was included.

Stanley Brace & Bit

This brace works quite well (I think). Nothing wrong with it as far as I can tell so far. It came with a flat head bit, so I’ll have to keep looking for additional types of bits.

Stanley Bailey No. 4 Hand Plane

This is what most interested me in this purchase. As you can see, the plane is quite rusty, but that’s kind of the point. I need to learn to restore a tool to the point where it’s usable, and this is my first project. Wish me luck.

Not sure if I just purchased junk or not, but for $10, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. More to come shortly as I begin restoring the plane and acquiring more tools as per The Naked Woodworker’s recommendations.

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