Hand Tool Woodworking++

Lessons Learned Successfully Building an Ugly Sawhorse


I should begin with an apology. I’ve been negligent in moving this blog forward. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I’m sorry. I will do better. Back to sawhorses. In my previous post, I completed (albeit poorly) my first sawhorse, or named more appropriately; frankenhorse. I’m happy to report that frankenhorse has since been dismantled and chucked on the scrap pile for use as firewood. But a noble service frankenhorse provided as I learned more about my complete lack of woodworking skills than I’d hoped.

No Longer Naked


Over the last week, I’ve watched The Naked Woodworker five times. I’ll probably watch it a few more times over the weekend. I’m smitten. I’ve fallen down the hand tool rabbit hole. I was sitting in my garage yesterday, enjoying a beer as I usually do on a Friday evening; I know, I know, “in the garage?” you say. What can I say, I like it in there. It’s my suburban porch, so to speak.